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Our team is here to help.

Our team of medical professionals are top-notch healthcare providers who have been hand-picked by Dr. Lee for their expert knowledge, patient care, and bedside manner. Individually, each are superb professionals at their own institution; and as a TEAM, we are even better.

Please meet our Team at Laser Light Specialists:

Cedric Escay, RN

Cedric Escay, RN (Registered Nurse)

A client of Seventh Son and a Registered Nurse by day, Cedric joined the Laser Light team by way of his tattoo artist Luke. Schooled in the art of nursing in San Diego, Cedric made his way back to San Francisco- where he has worked various units at Kaiser Permanente Medical Center. Today, he flexes his skills in the ICU and as one of our tattoo removal specialist. When he's not removing tattoos, you won't catch him in town but traveling the world.

Sara Tisdel, RN

Sara Tisdel, RN (Registered Nurse)

Sarah "Tiz" Tisdel has been practicing as a nurse for 6 years and currently works at San Francisco General Hospital on a Progressive Care Unit. An East Coast native, she received her Bachelor's Degree in Nursing Science at Worcester State University in Massachusetts. While receiving her education, she worked as a student nurse in a Level 1 Trauma Emergency Department in Springfield, MA. She has worked in various specialties including cardiovascular surgery, telemetry, and geriatrics. Advocating and caring for others brings Sarah an incredible sense of satisfaction from her job. For leisure, she enjoys writing poetry, painting & drawing, watching sci-fi movies, listening to jazz & blues, hiking, and traveling. She is passionate about many forms of art, but tattoos are by far her favorite. Sarah is excited to be a part of the Laser Light Specialist team removing unwanted ones!

Charles K Lee, MD

Charles K Lee, MD (Plastic Surgeon & Medical Director)

Dr. Charles Lee brings over a decade of laser experience and plastic surgery expertise to Laser Light Specialists. He is the Chief of Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery at St.Mary’s Medical Center, San Francisco, and an Assistant Clinical Professor of Surgery at UCSF Medical Center. He has dedicated his career to helping patients who need his expertise to regain form and function. He is a big fan of cutting edge Laser technologies to help those who want a second chance. As the Medical Director of Laser Light Specialists, he feels fortunate to be working with such a talented medical team and is excited to provide his medical and surgical expertise in collaboration with the talented Tattoo Artists at Seventh Son Tattoo. When he is not at Laser Light Specialists at Seventh Son, Dr. Lee is usually busy in the operating room or traveling the globe lecturing or learning about the latest advances in medicine and surgery. www.Lplasticsurgery.com