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There is a growing demand for high quality Tattoo removal and revision, but we have found that patients often do not know where to turn when the time has come for a change. Patients are often torn between the Mall Spa (of dubious quality, usually non medical professional) or an expensive Dermatology clinic that may or may not have a dedicated Tattoo laser. Patients are anxious about the “ineffective” treatments at the Mall Spa or the wallet-draining treatments at the Laser skin clinics that pressure them into $Thousand$ treatment packages.

Laser Light Specialists is different.

Our treatments are performed by skilled medical professionals with the highest quality laser. Our prices are set by the square inch and are reasonable. There are no package prices and there are no high pressure sales. YOU determine the number of treatments when the ink has faded to the endpoint of your liking or Tattoo artist’s liking (for revision/cover-up).

The Laser Session

An ointment with Lidocaine and "numbing" agents is applied 30-45 minutes prior to the Laser treatment. We recommend that you arrive 45 minutes prior to your Laser session and please let our staff know if you have ever had a reaction to Lidocaine or other local anesthetics before.

The actual "laser-ing" time depends upon the size of the tattoo. It can take anywhere from 1 minute to around 30 minutes.

About the pain

Yes, there is some pain and you need to be prepared for it; most say it is 2-3X more than the actual tattoo process. We use the most powerful anesthetic skin creams (waiting at least 30-45 minutes) to obtain maximal comfort. We also offer the new DeScribe PFD patch from On Light Sciences. The PFD Patch is one of the most significant advances in tattoo removal since the Q-switched laser. In a recent clinical trial, patients reported not only less discomfort, but faster healing post-treatment with the DeScribe Transparent PFD Patch.

Next Treatment or Tattoo Appointment

Usually you should wait 6-8 weeks between laser sessions. The same goes for getting tattooed anywhere you've had laser treatment.

You can check with our staff to see if your skin is ready for another laser treatment, and your tattoo artist can advice you if the treatment area has lightened enough to be tattooed over with your new design.

We are proud to offer the highest quality, cutting edge laser tattoo treatments in San Francisco.

Laser Tattoo Removal and Revision

Before the advent of the medical lasers, common techniques to remove tattoos included cryosurgery, dermabrasion or surgical excision. As lasers became widely available for a range of dermatological conditions, many different lasers were tried to remove tattoos. Tattoos vary widely in terms of the type and color of ink, age and and depth; a laser that is able to treat a wide range of colors, intensity, and depths was needed. It was found that lasers that produce a very short pulse through Q-Switched technology are most effective.

The Q-Switched Laser has become the gold standard treatment for across all colors of tattoo removal. By creating a very short high energy pulse, the tattoo ink is thermo-acoustically broken up into minute particles that the body can readily absorb. As the laser attacks the tattoo, a light grey "frosting" appears on the tattoo, a signal that the appropriate energy was applied and the removal process will begin.

Not all devices are created equal and successful outcome depends on a variety of factors.

How does lutronic's q-switched laser work?

Advantages of the Spectra Laser at Laser Light Specialists

Spectra's wavelengths cover broadest spectrum of tattoo colors